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Agromarine Organic Chitosan Fertiliser 200 ML

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Agromarine Organic Chitosan Fertiliser 200 ML

For all type of plant

Agromarine Organic Chitosan Fertiliser is a 100% organic fertiliser that is rich in natural macronutrients and micronutrients. It promotes and enhances plant growth, activates plant cells, and stimulates nutrient uptake. It also acts as a plant stimulant and plant defence, repelling pests and diseases. The fertiliser helps to reduce environmental stress due to drought and soil nutrient deficiencies and increases the photosynthesis rate.

💡It can also increase seed germination, sprouting, and flowering.

Key Features & Benefits

  • To promote plant growth and development. When applied to the leaves and stems of plants, it helps to stimulate the production of hormones that are essential for optimal growth.
  • To improve the yield of fruit and vegetables, resulting in larger, more abundant harvests.
  • Helps to strengthen the immune system of plants, making them more resistant to pests and diseases. 
  • Helps to improve soil structure and increase the availability of nutrients to plants.
  • Made from natural, organic ingredients and is safe for use on all plants. It is free from harmful chemicals.
  • Can be used on a wide range of plants including vegetables, flowers, herbs, and indoor plants. 


How To Use

  • Shake the bottle well before use to ensure that the ingredients are well-mixed.
  • Dilute the fertiliser according to the instructions on the label
  • Apply the fertiliser to the soil around the base of the plant, being careful not to get it on the leaves or stems.
  • Water the plants thoroughly after applying the fertiliser to help it absorb into the soil.
  • Use the fertiliser once or twice a month for best results.
  • Follow the instructions on the label for recommended usage and safety precautions.
  • Avoid applying the fertiliser to flowers and buds, as it may affect their development.



General: 5-10ml/L of water applied to point of run-off from the foliage.

Sensitive plants: 5 ml/L to point of run-off from the foliage.

Frequency: Use once every 1-2 weeks during active growth.


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