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Serbajadi Organic Seed Booster 500ML

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Organic Seed Booster 500ML

For potted plant

Serbajadi Organic Seed Booster is suitable for use on a wide range of plant species, including vegetables, flowers, herbs, and fruit trees. It is specifically designed to improve seed germination rates and promote healthy seedling growth. The nutrients in this booster, including Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium, as well as Magnesium, and Iron, are essential for proper plant development and can help improve the overall health and growth of the plants.

Whether you are starting seeds indoors or directly in the garden, Serbajadi Organic Seed Booster can help give your plants a strong start and provide the nutrients they need to thrive.


Key Features & Benefits

  • Contains a rich blend of nutrients - Promotes vigorous growth from the beginning
  • A balanced blend of nutrients, natural growth stimulants, and humic acids
  • Helps the seed minimize mortality and environmental stress
  • Improves seeds germination rate by up to 30%
  • Suitable for all seeds & seedlings


How To Use

  • Shaking the bottle well to ensure that the nutrients are properly distributed.
  • After sowing your seeds, immediately spray the seeds and surrounding soil with the fertiliser. 
  • Help to provide the seeds with the necessary nutrients and support they need to germinate and grow.
  • Spray the fertiliser towards the leaves on a weekly basis.
  •  Help to provide the plants with the nutrients they need to continue growing strong and healthy.

Note: By following these simple steps, you can help to ensure that your seeds and seedlings receive the support they need to thrive. With regular use of Serbajadi Organic Seed Booster, you can expect to see an improvement in the health and vigor of your plants, as well as an increase in their growth rate.

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