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  • FREE DELIVERY for orders above RM200 (KL & Selangor only)
  • FREE DELIVERY for the first 3kg for orders RM120 & above (Peninsular Malaysia only)

Refill and save

Easy Refilling at Serbajadi Grow Joy HQ


🌿Prepare Your Containers

Before Your Visit: Clean and dry your containers thoroughly. Ensure they are free from any leftover product and intact with no cracks or leaks.


🌿Arrive at Serbajadi Grow Joy HQ

Exclusive Service: Remember, our exclusive refill service is only available at Serbajadi Grow Joy HQ.


🌿Hand Over Your Container:

Check-In: Upon arrival, present your empty container to our dedicated staff at the Refill Station.

Tagging: Our team will weigh and tag your container with its empty weight.


🌿Select Your Product:

Choose & Relax: Browse our selection of fertilizers. Once you've made your choice, our staff will handle the refilling for you.


🌿Weigh, Seal, & Label:

Done by Us: After refilling, our team will weigh the filled container, calculate the cost, and securely seal it.

Identification: Your container will be labeled with the product name, refill date, and any pertinent usage instructions.


🌿Make Payment & Enjoy the Savings:

Make payment for the content. Not only are you taking a step towards a greener planet with every refill, but you're also enjoying attractive savings!


🌿Plan Your Next Visit:

Hold onto your container for your next trip to Serbajadi Grow Joy HQ. Every visit reduces waste and emphasizes sustainability!

Helpful Tips

  • If it's your first time using our refill service, our friendly staff at Serbajadi Grow Joy HQ will be on hand to assist and answer any questions.
  • For ease and efficiency, we recommend using containers with wide openings.
  • To maintain product purity, please provide individual containers for each product you wish to refill.
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