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Serbajadi Biochar Soil Mix 2 - 2.5kg & 20L

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Biochar Soil Mix 2 

2.5kg & 20L

Serbajadi Biochar Soil Mix 2 is a product designed to promote root development in plants. It was developed in collaboration with Dr Francis Ng, a horticulture expert and author. After plants are established and have strong roots, it is recommended to apply diluted fertiliser to the soil.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Formulated to help plants grow and develop more effectively.
  • Helps to retain essential nutrients in the soil, making them more available to plants and reducing the need for frequent fertilization.
  • Support the growth of beneficial microbes in the soil, which can improve soil health and plant growth.
  • Improve the structure and quality of the soil, making it more sustainable and long-lasting.


How To Use

  • Place the desired amount of Biochar Soil Mix 2 in a pot or container.
  • Add seeds or seedlings to the soil.
  • Water the soil daily until water drains out of the pot.


Note: It is important to follow the specific instructions for the plant you are growing, as different plants have different watering and care requirements.

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