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Serbajadi Seeds Snake Bean - Kacang Ular ( Bbs041 )

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Serbajadi Snake Bean - Vigna sinensis L

Snake Bean, like the Yard Long Bean, is an annual climbing herb and is a very popular legume grown for its immature pods. The stems grow to 4 m, climbing in an anticlockwise direction and bearing trifoliate leaves. Fences, walls, or trellis can be used to support the plant above ground. Stir-fried lightly, the bean is crunchy and tasty and very nutritious. Young pods and leaves are eaten as vegetables and are added to numerous traditional dishes. Usually fried or cooked in curries, long beans are also mixed in salads. Long beans are rich in Vitamin A and C and calcium.

Type of vegetable: Seeds bearing pods

Edible parts: Fleshy green immature pods and leaves.

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